Akademi produces exceptional and inspiring new work that pushes the boundaries of the artform, building new audiences for South Asian dance.

From shopping centres and care homes to Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, our performances redefine audience relationships with public spaces and landmarks.

If you would like to know more about a specific production, book it for your festival, or inquire about one that is unlisted, please contact

three dancers with bamboo poles and nets


An outdoor promenade South Asian dance show on climate migration of people.
dancers performing against a streetscape


2014 – An outdoor performance inspired by Dante and drawing on Hindu astrology
three dancers against a black backdrop

First Light

2012 – A collaboration between 21st century light and space modulation and Indian contemporary dance
group of dancers performing in a church


2012 – A specially curated site-specific piece for the London 2012 Olympics

song of the city

2011 – Combining contemporary dance and ballet with classical Bharatanatyam techniques
Dancers performing outside


2009 – A spectacle that juxtaposed the lyricism of Kathak with the spirited dynamics of modern dance, circus and Yakshagana
dance performers emerging from flames


2008 – An intimate dance experience that unites the stillness of Zen meditation with the rapturous motion of Sufi dervishes


2008 – A classical Kathak work choreographed for a contemporary audience

Dreaming Now

2007 – Juxtaposing the lyricism of Kathak and ballet with the dynamics of Bharatanatyam, modern dance and circus


2006 – Celebrating the dynamism of the immigrant Asian women and their stories
dancer in bright sari dancing in a fountain


2004 – A whirling, open-air, dance extravaganza in the beautiful surroundings of Somerset House


2003 – An exuberant tribute to the democratic resilience of pop culture in the UK

Coming of Age

2000 – A dance event drawing together nearly a hundred dancers in at site-specific spectacle directed by Keith Khan
Woman and young boy with intertwined arms

The Adventures of Mowgli

1984 – The first ever British professional Indian dance‑drama based on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and featuring young Akram Khan as Mowgli

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