Dreaming Now


A production that juxtaposed the lyricism of Kathak and Ballet with the dynamics of Bharatanatyam, modern dance and circus.

In 2007, Akademi returned to the Trafalgar Square Festival for the third year running, welcoming the best in British and International street performers for a programme of the spectacular, the unknown and the downright unusual. It was commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the three-week Indian-themed Trafalgar Square Festival from 2-19 August 2007.

Dreaming Now was a South Asian dance-led contemporary spectacle, that juxtaposed the lyricism of Kathak and Ballet with the spirited dynamics of Bharatanatyam, modern dance and circus. Punctuated by special effects, this vivid and fresh piece emphasised the way dreams can change in an instant, combining elements that clash at first glance, but ultimately work together to create a new reality.

The production was a re-working of the highly acclaimed Sapnay, originally directed by esteemed choreographers Gauri Sharma Tripathi and Mavin Khoo. This production introduced rising contemporary choreographer Jennifer Irons with an inspiring cast of dancers.


Creative Team

Original Direction and ChoreographyGauri Sharma Tripathi and Mavin Kho
ChoreographerJennifer Irons
ComposerDJ Per Qx with contributions from Niraj Chag
FilmThe Roundhouse Studios
Production ManagerKerry Veitch
Media ImagesPete Schiazza

Performance Credits

DancersYamuna Devi, Jasmine Simhalan, Seeta Patel, Liz Lea, Nathaniel Parchment, Nick Lawson, Rachel Waterman, Shivani Sethia, Payal Patel, Hima Patel, Jesal Patel, Trishna Kumari Champaneri, Phalguni Upadhyaya, Henal Amin, Munisha Sevani
Circus performersTiago Fonseca, Massimiliano Rossetti, Will Ladbrook-Hutt

Supported by

Mayor of London, London Borough of London, London Councils, Arts Council of London, India Now, Theatre Tol, Leading Learning Skills, European Union Social Fund, Mint Leaf

Special Thanks

Anu Kapoor, Gauri Sharma Tripathi, ANKH, Jen Irons, Greenwich + Docklands Festivals, James Bates, Interchange Studios, London Paper, Mark Prescott, The Roundhouse Studios, Urban Design, Patidar Association

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