Artist Advisory Group​

As a new initiative in early 2021, we set up an independent Artist Advisory Group (AAG) of five freelance South Asian dance-form artists following a call-out for application. The AAG is a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees and comprise Anusha Subramanyam, Parbati Chaudhury, Jane Chan, Vidya Patel and Shyam Dattani. They meet up quarterly along with Akademi’s Directors and a designated trustee.

The aim of the AAG is to receive creative analysis and constructive criticism from external artists within the sector ensuring relevance and thoughtfulness for the impact of our programmes. Their input has already enriched the our programmes and our manifesto.

The AAG is on a rolling appointment. Any new opportunities to join the AAG will be advertised on our opportunities page.

group meeting around a table
Artist Advisory Group meeting, Nov 2022. Photo: Antareepa Thakur

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