Paradiso: Man’s Enduring Search for Perfection


Take passage through the heavenly cosmos and find answers to the obstacles of vanity, ambition and desire.

“I have been to Paradise and this is what I saw…”

Paradiso: Man’s Enduring Search for Perfection brings together an international creative team and a diverse cast to produce a sensual, earthly choreography. Inspired by the final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, this 40-minute dance production shares common human struggles performed in an energetic celebration of dance.

This interpretation of the third part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is produced by Akademi, with direction and choreography by Jose Agudo, it features an original score by Bernhard Schimpelsberger.

“Turn your gaze heavenward and leave this restless world behind.” DANTE ALIGHIERI, DIVINE COMEDY

24 May | Southbank Centre, Alchemy Festival. Royal Festival Hall, Rooftop.
Circulate London Tour 
Host venue in brackets
1 July | Bells Square, Hounslow (Watermans Arts Centre)
5 Aug | Pier Parade, Newham (Stratford Circus)
17 Aug | Edmonton Shopping Centre, Enfield (Millfield Theatre)
2 Sep | Deptford Market Yard, Lewisham (The Albany)
3 Sep | Horniman Museum, London

“Jose Agudo takes inspiration from Dante’s Divine Comedy in this sensual dance-theatre piece from Akademi.  “

Lyn Gardner and Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“A poignant and highly moving piece of choreography. Playful and gracious, it was a pleasure to watch.”

Mary Grace Nguyen, Theatre Blogger, TrendFEM

“The evening is a continual tide of the tranquil and the torrential, in a sense symbolic of the ebb and flow of life.”

Lucy Basaba, Reviewer, Theatrefullstop


Creative Team

Direction and choreographyJose Agudo
Original scoreBernhard Schimpelsberger
Consultant DramaturgLou Cope
CostumeMartina Trottmann
ProducerNina Head
Original direction byHilary Westlake

Performance Credits

Archita Kumar, Carmine De Amicis, Edward Arnold, Ellen Yilma, Francesco Migliaccio, Kamala Devam

Media Credits

ImagesSimon Richardson
TrailerJames Williams

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