We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our work.

At Akademi, we understand the significance of environmental sustainability not only from an ethical standpoint but also as a crucial aspect of our business philosophy. We are dedicated to mitigating the impact of Akademi’s programs and business operations on the environment.

Creative Production Themes with a Purpose

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is vividly expressed through our thoughtfully curated creative production themes. These themes are not just artistic endeavors but powerful tools to educate and inspire. Through captivating performances, interactive workshops, and innovative art forms, we address crucial issues that affect our environment and, consequently, our collective future.

Raising Awareness Amongst the Young

One of our foremost priorities is to engage with children and young people in a way that empowers them to become environmental champions. Our programs aim to spark curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and inspire action. By instilling an understanding of the impact of plastics on ecosystems and the urgency of climate change, we strive to create a generation that is not only conscious of the challenges but actively participates in finding solutions.

A holistic approach

Environmental responsibility is interwoven into our core values and practices. From sourcing sustainable materials for our productions to adopting eco-friendly business practices, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact at every step. We take active steps to ensure that these practices are written into contracts with artists and partner settings as well as included in the form of Green Riders for our work.  


We aim to use environmental policies and procedures and review them regularly to improve our performance and quality whilst also seeking to comply with current environmental legislation. 

At Akademi, environmental sustainability is not just a choice; it’s our shared responsibility and a testament to our dedication to creating a better world.

To know more about our commitment towards sustainability and the action plan in place, read our Environmental policy. 

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