Mental health & wellbeing​

Wellbeing is a key component of all our learning and participation work. For decades we have been championing South Asian Dance for health and social benefits, while making it more accessible and inclusive.

The profound aftermath of COVID-19 lockdown periods for Akademi’s school and community participants meant the need for intervention was, and is still, more important than ever. Though the programme has helped improve the physical development and engagement levels of our participants, it is the impact on mental health and wellbeing which has emerged as the most crucial outcome of our adaption to digital delivery – be it in care homes, hospitals or SEND schools.  

Drawing from Akademi’s rich experience of working with adolescents, we have recently embarked on another project. We have been supported by The Barings Foundation to develop and deliver Feet First. South Asian dance artists work with young people with mental health problems and helping these artists train in working with similar groups in future.

“We have been through a most traumatic period in human history with consequences devastating to older people. This has hit our users very hard. Around 70% report high levels of anxiety and social isolation. Dance Well sessions became a lifeline enabling people to take part at home.”

Tony Bloor, Third Age Project

“Child B has significant anxieties. Participating in Akademi’s sessions has had significant impact on his ability to cope with music and noise. We are thankful for everything Akademi have done to support this change.”

Manor School

Our impact

“Akademi provided COVID safe Dance Well classes that were a beacon of light for participants stepping out from the darkness of self-isolation.”

Andrew Rogers, Holborn Community Association


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