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Warm up

A thorough warm up is important for injury prevention and allows the facilitator to gain a sense of the range of movement that participants are working with and any physical issues to be particularly aware of.

Rhythm challenge

This is a warm up exercise focused on rhythm, an important aspect of Kathak. In this exercise we explore short rhythmic phase using mainly claps. Props that can be used to explore rhythms as well include dandiya sticks and bells.

Artist | Jane Chan

Tatkar exercise

This is a good exercise to use towards the end of the warm-up, to warm up the lower part of the body and increase blood flow. It helps train coordination, balance and concentration. This exercise is performed to the 16 beat time cycle – Teental.

Artist | Jane Chan

Ankle lifts

This exercise is suitable for the latter stages of the warm-up to begin to raise the heart rate. The standing option is great for those wishing to improve their balance for walking etc. as it works on the ankles as well as knees. Both standing and seated options help with strengthening the lower legs.

Artist | Archita Kumar


This exercise is useful for those with stiff joints in the hands and fingers as it helps with manual dexterity. It also helps with strengthening the forearms and forearm rotation, useful for aiding in day-to-day tasks such as brushing teeth, making a cup of tea.

Artist | Archita Kumar

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