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A series of cardiovascular exercises, suitable for the middle of a class when participants are sufficiently warmed up.

Cross knee bounce

This is a cardiovascular exercise, suitable for the middle of a class when participants are sufficiently warmed up. Some participants may find the standing version of this exercise challenging, in which case the seated version may be used. This exercise also improves balance and co-ordination.

Artist | Anusha Subramanyam

Bouncy walk (kuthu walk)

This exercise is a cardiovascular exercise suitable for use in the middle of the workshop, after a full body warm-up. Note: Be careful with participants who have any problems with their knees, they may wish to use the seated version of the exercise.

Artist | Anusha Subramanyam


This gentle cardiovascular and performative exercise, aimed for adult participants and participants over 65. Before the chorus, all participants are encouraged to walk, skip, slow jog around the space, using all the space in the room. Participants are encouraged not to travel in circles but covering all directions of the room, including the corners.

Artist | Jane Chan

Toe heel steps

A good exercise to do early on in the class that will maintain the heart rate & articulate the joints of the feet & lower legs. Can be done seated or standing & in a class for adults with early to moderate stage dementia.

Artist | Rachel Waterman

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