Dance Well | Digital Resources

A toolbox for planning activities with older adults, for dance artists and activity co‑ordinators.

Akademi delivers community and outreach work in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, day care centres, schools, care homes and community associations. Find out more about Dance Well or browse our digital resources below.

Dance Well | Resource Book

Teaching South Asian Dance with Older Adults

You can download Akademi’s resource book for free. This publication brings together collected exercises and activities specific to South Asian Dance forms, that have worked well with older adults and those living chronic health conditions.

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Dance Well | Educational Videos

This library of educational videos is designed to serve as a toolbox to dance artists and activities co-ordinators when planning activities with older adults. These resources have been created by Akademi’s Dance Well artists as a result of their own workshop delivery with older adults in community settings, care homes, day centres and hospitals. Here you will find exercises inspired by South Asian dance styles, including Kathak and Bharatanatyam, that are suitable for a range of mobilities and those living with dementia.

older adults participate in a movement workshop

Warm Up

A series of warm up excercise videos, important for injury prevention and to get a sense of the range of movement that participants are working with

Warm up or cool down

A series of excercise videos that can be used for either warm up or gentle cool down


A series of cardiovascular exercises, suitable for the middle of a class when participants are sufficiently warmed up

Skill acquisition

A series of balance, co-ordination, creativity and joint articulation exercises


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