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Warm up or cool down

A thorough warm up and gentle cool down is important for injury prevention and allows the facilitator to gain a sense of the range of movement that participants are working with and any physical issues to be particularly aware of.

Forward roll

This exercise is suitable for all levels of mobility depending on if you choose the standing or the seated options. Ensure participants know to only lean as far forward as they can comfortably manage. Suitable for people living with dementia.

Artist | Archita Kumar

Body massage

This warm up is an opportunity for participants to connect with their physical bodies and take time to explore each part, build up confidence and coordination. It can also be used to cool down and soothe the muscles.

Artist | Archana Ballal

Breathing like the rain

This exercise is a gentle breathing exercise that can be used during the warm-up or cool-down. Note: Be aware of participant’s range of motion in the shoulder and allow them to take their arms only as high as they can manage and to go at a speed that is comfortable to them.

Artist | Anusha Subramanyam

Breath in your favourite flower

This exercise is a gentle breathing exercise that can be used as part of the warm-up for cool-down of a class. Participants can add their own experiences, favourite colours and smells to the activity to personalise it.

Artist | Anusha Subramanyam

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