Reach Out and Reveal | Half term update

Anusha Subramanyam

The Reach Out and Reveal project has been very well received at both schools Akademi are working with, Sherwood Hill and Papillon House. The project has generated a huge amount of interest from teachers, teaching assistants and therapists and everyone one is very open to sharing knowledge and ideas which is helpful.

The project is a super boost to the children and young people’s creative input at the schools and all involved are very keen to see what opportunities it presents and what the possible outcomes from this intervention can be?

Our 3 amazing dance artists in residence – Anusha Subramanyam, Priyanka Chauhan and Hetel Gokal – started the term off by observing both pupils and staff at the schools to get to know them and the way they approach learning.  Working with children and young people with autism and complex needs can be challenging and so it is very important that the artists have a good understanding of the children and their preferred means of communication.

The artists are now leading sessions at both school sites and testing and exploring a range of approaches to engage the classes.  They are already building good relationships and finding exciting ways to connect.

A reflection and planning session will take place over the half term break to ensure the best possible outcomes in next half terms sessions.

Reach Out and Reveal is supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This initiative will place South Asian dancers ‘in residence’ at schools for young people with Special Educational Needs.

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