Akademi at World Travel Market 2017

Credit - Antareepa Thakur Mukherjee

Akademi was invited by Incredible India, fourth year in a row, to showcase India’s cultural diversity through dance at the World Travel Market held in London from 6 to 8 November 2017.  About 182 countries were represented in this annual event at ExCel Centre about 51,500 travel professionals from around the world and more that 3,000 international media in attendance.

Akademi presented three days of Indian classical and folk dance extravaganza from different parts of the country, which included forms rarely seen in the UK such as Yakshagana from Karnataka, Kathakali and mohiniyattam from Kerala, Hojagiri from Tripura, Manipuri amongst others.

Around 23 artists took part in this grand event.

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