Dance Well group performs at Tolmers Square Festival, 23 June

Sunday 23 June 2024, 3pm to 3:30pm
Tolmers Square, Camden


We’re thrilled to share that our fantastic Dance Well programme participants from Holborn Community Association took center stage at the recent Tolmers Square Festival, organised by Camden People’s Theatre.

This energetic group of eight dancers, under the guidance of Akademi artist Jesal Patel, captivated the audience with their talent and dedication. Their performance brought vibrant energy to the festival, and we’re sure it left everyone with a smile.

Following the performance, Jesal also led an interactive dance workshop for the festival crowd. This was a fantastic opportunity for attendees to experience the joy of South Asian dance and movement firsthand.

We’re incredibly proud of our Dance Well participants for their amazing performance and their willingness to share their passion for dance with the Tolmers Square Festival community. It’s a testament to the positive impact of the Dance Well programme, not just on the participants’ physical and mental well-being, but also on their confidence and sense of community.

Very nice and calming performance.

Mrs. Haidrani, Audience member

I enjoyed the dance a lot! it was spot on.

Audience member

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