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Umrao Jaan


In the exquisite surroundings of the historic Hyver Hall, Arkley, owned by Mr. H. S. Narula and Mrs. Surina Narula MBE, 200 guests had the exclusive opportunity to experience an evening of 19th Century Mughal splendour, love, and poetry, as the story of Umrao Jaan was brought to life through live performance, music, tableaux and storytelling by Akademi. Set against the backdrop of mid-19th Century Oudh, the story began as Umrao Jaan, the famous poetess and courtesan of Lucknow, made her debut performance.

The evening traced the tale of this young kidnapped village girl who grew up to become a mesmerising beauty, encapsulating the joy of being in love as well as the inevitable twists and turns that accompany it. Recreating the ambience, feel and flavours of the time in detail, this visually rich event portrayed the grandeur and sophistication of the time with the best of Mughal cuisine in a three course meal, served with traditional Oudh hospitality. Guests were welcomed into a decorative bazaar where Umrao was due to perform her debut solo.

Video – Akademi’s Umrao Jaan

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