Music, Meaning, Memory

Akademi performed at UCL Bloomsbury Theatre at an event organised to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society.

Wed 26 Jun 2023, 7pm
Bloomsbury Theatre, London

Dr Naaheed Mukadam, a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at Alzheimer’s Society collaborated with Akademi and Soumik Datta Arts to explore how music allows communication and connection, even when spoken language is lost.

As part of Dr Mukadam’s research, Akademi dance artist Jesal Patel delivered a series of South Asian dance and movement workshops earlier in 2023, to the residents of two care homes based in London.

The evening was a culmination of this research and explored how music and dance respond, when memory connects with time and identity. Artists Jesal Patel and Seema Patel presented a moving piece to representing the theme of the project.

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