Diwali with the in-patients at St. Thomas Hospital, 14 Nov

Feriyal Amal Aslam
Independent dance scholar-artist and activist

It was such a heart-warming experience to be able to bring the spirit of Diwali to the in-patients, their carers and the NHS staff at St. Thomas Hospital on 14 Nov. Thanks to Breathe Arts Health Research who invited us to perform and gave us this opportunity. 

Artists Anekha Pillai and Daniella Varghese presented Bharatanatyam in the Lane Fox Ward for respiratory illnesses and the Henry Ward for elderly care. 

“I sit here besides my dad, everyday. The days keep blurring into each other but this has brought such respite and colour to our day. Thank you!”

Carer of a patient in the Henry Ward

“I had goosebumps all along. Thank you for performing.”

Staff Nurse, HENRY WARD

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