Reach Out and Reveal | May Update

young people taking part in a dance workshop
Akademi's Reach Out and Reveal

Akademi’s Reach Out and Reveal project continues to generate a huge amount of excitement and interest for all involved.  This innovative arts intervention is already making a big difference and at a recent evaluation meeting at Papillon House school teachers were commenting on why its such a powerful intervention, and some of the changes they have already started to see in students. They identified many unique factors about Reach Out and Reveal but key things they noted were:

  • The passion and Experience of the South Asian dance Artists
  • The length of the project – running over a full academic year
  • Brings positive energy that is transferred

Changes in students included:

  • Improved interaction with peers
  • Creative independence to express themselves
  • Being independent in managing themselves
  • Developing ability to self-regulate

The students have also demonstrated a real sense of pleasure when participating in the sessions and some are also showing a sense of excitement when it is time for the dance sessions.

We are very excited to have Moira Sinclair chief executive of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation visiting the Reach Out and Reveal project on May 16.

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