Oral History Project Sharing

Akademi’s Oral History Project has seen more than 30 pupils from across Krishna Avanti Primary School (Harrow), Pagrav Dance Company and Sanskruti Cambridge taking part in a multi-layered project with oral historian, Laura Owen, and dance artists, Olivia White, Parbati Chaudhury, Krishna Zivraj-Nair and Linnea Husmann.

Participants have collected precious oral testimonies from older family and community members, and used this experience to devise a choreographic response, drawing upon themes of diaspora, migration and identity.

On Sunday 28th February, students from Pagrav Dance Company and Sanskruti Cambridge shared their working process and movement responses with each other, the Akademi Team and an audience of invited guests. Participants and audience members alike enjoyed this moment of connection in these times and many hearts were touched by the exploration of such unique and personal journeys.

“Fascinating and precious stories!”

“Wonderful to see the energy of all the new younger artists, taking the lead in so many ways”

“From an interviewee’s point of view, I felt I was able to document so many personal stories which I had never talked about with anybody….So it was a wonderful experience”

Audience Members

Chamu Kuppuswamy joined the final sessions of the Oral History part of the project in December for Pulse Magazine and captured the essence of this experience in this wonderful article.

Oral History Project Sharing

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