Mira Kaushik on India’s Soft Power

In April Akademi’s Artistic Director, Mira Kaushik, wrote an article for India Inc. on India’s soft power.

We need to focus on quality, training, excellence and investment for India’s soft power to be globally recognised, asserts an Indian arts expert.

India is the world’s largest democracy. India has a global presence thanks to its economically successful diaspora, a successful IT industry and its internationally loved cuisine, cinema, dance and music. Our much-appreciated multi-culturalism, religious pluralism and the heritage of yoga, Ayurveda and philosophy also play a vital role in establishing India’s soft power globally.

A survey of the top 30 countries of soft power in 2018 conducted by Jonathan McClory, from the US Centre for Public Diplomacy in Portland, used the following criteria for ranking soft powers: Government, Digital, Culture, Enterprise, Engagement, Education, Cuisine, Friendliness, Culture, Tech Goods, Foreign Policy and Liveability. The survey gave the number one ranking to the UK with an 80.55 score. India, with a score of 40.65, did not even make the shortlist. … 

Read onIndia’s Soft Power – A long shot perspective in India Inc.

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