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young people taking part in a dance workshop
Akademi's Reach Out and Reveal

Reach Out and Reveal

Akademi’s Reach Out and Reveal project finished the school year 2017/8 in a very exciting way, with learners at Sherwood Hill completing their Discover level Arts Award through their participation in the project. At Papillon House School parents came in to see the South Asian dance their children and young people had been learning with artists Anusha Subramanyam and Seema De Jorge-Chopra.

The feedback the parents gave was amazingly positive and they were genuinely impressed by their children’s participation and connection to the dance and movement.

Anusha spent time with parents at the end of the sharing, to teach them about some helpful breathing and relaxation techniques they could try at home with their children.

There is a real buzz about the project and the impact it is having on children and young people on the autistic spectrum.


Kopal – Akademi’s primary school dance project in Camden has already given over one hundred children the chance to participate in, learn about and perform South Asian dance.

The four schools involved in the project with Akademi are Kentish Town, Carlton, Fitzjohn’s and Swiss Cottage. All the school’s staged performances at the end of term which were a wonderful opportunity for the children to show both their peers and parents what they had been learning.

The project designed to engage and motivate primary aged children to connect with each other in a fun and playful way through South Asian Dance will continue this term and we are very excited to see how we can move things to the next level.

Summer project at Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research centre

Artist Emiko Jane Ishii was invited by Akademi to lead four days of South Asian dance workshops at Swiss Cottage School over the summer holidays at the school’s summer project. The workshops were for children and young people with a range of complex and profound disabilities.

Akademi is delighted at how successful the workshops were and how positive the school’s feedback has been. The school has said “The workshops were amazing and really stimulated and motivated the children and young people to move and engage. Emiko is fantastic, she has so many great ideas to bring dance to life for such complex children”.

Photographs: Vipul Sangoi

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