Eastern Eye: A Guide to the Eight Indian Dance Styles

Do you know your Bharatnatyam from your Sattriya?

“Classical Indian dance continues to be popular around the world, drawing diverse audiences including those tho watch it for the first time and others who take up classes to learn it…

Learning about the various disciplines adds to the appreciation of the art from that has been enchanting audiences across countries”

Read: A Guide to the Eight Indian Dance Styles, from Eastern Eye by Anita Srivastava.

Eastern Eye explores classical Indian dance in a guide to the eight Indian dance styles, with support from Akademi and our rich archive or images and artists work. We would like to thank Anita Srivastava, for researching these classical dance forms and putting this article together.

Featuring: Archana Ballal, Natalia Hildner, Khavita Kaur, Arunima Kumar, Daniella Zak Zara Varghese (pictured above) and Shatarupa Chatterjee. With images from Simon Richardson, Vipul Sangoi and Peter Schiazza.

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