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Postcard: Jhanak Newsletter

First edition of Akademi's newsletter Jhanak, November 1991
First edition of Akademi’s newsletter Jhanak, November 1991


A copy of an Akademi newsletter from nearly 30 years ago. This object is also available as an original paper copy or photocopy from the Akademi office. It features a hand-drawn design and gives details on the organisation back in 1991.

Akademi’s first newsletter ‘Jhanak’ was printed in 1991 and continues to this day via email. Back then, Akademi was known as The Academy of Indian Dance. This clipping gives historical details about the organisation that might otherwise be forgotten, such as names of members of staff, historical projects and funding bodies. Archives also hold the original prototype, which was hand designed by the then Director of Akademi, Mira Kaushik OBE.

Since its founding in 1979, Akademi has gone through various organisational changes, such as its name. It was called The Academy of Indian Dance until 1998.  Akademi has grown in different homes. This newsletter chronicles the time that Akademi was based at The Place, Euston, when the late Robin Howard was Chair of Akademi.

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