Fright Night: Faces of Kali (2015)

Dancers in a dark space
Faces of Kali. Photo: Vipul Sangoi

A plunge into the dark, destructive female omnipresence of the female deity Kali.

First presented at Rich Mix, Sunday 31 October 2015. 

An evening inspired by the violent obliteration of evil by the Hindu goddess Kali. A bewitching array of fierce and intense Kali performances including classical Indian dance, storytelling and music.

Kali, also known as Kalika is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment. She illustrates the ferocious and forceful side of the goddess Durga (Parvati). This evening combined the celebrations of Halloween with that of Kali Puja.

Kali is portrayed wearing a garland of human skulls, clad in tiger’s skin with lolling tongue and vicious stare.

In the spirit of Halloween Akademi encouraged all to come in full fancy dress: manifestations of Kali, the macabre, occult and fantastical were all welcome.


Creative Team

Stage ManagerBeth Hoare Barnes
LightingChloe Kenwood

Performance Credits

Seema Anand, Pallabi De, Kali Chandrasegaram, Nisha Somasundaram, Sohini Alam, Oliver Weeks, Arunima Kumar, Elena Catalan, Tiyasha Dutta Paul, Maryam Mayflower, Katie Ryan

Media Credits

ImagesVipul Sangoi

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