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Freelance artists, choreographers, technicians, producers, designers and many more such roles are crucial for the performance sector to create excellent art experiences for the audience. The sector is unique in having 70% of its workforce being self-employed. With uncertainty faced by venues and organisations during and after COVID-19 pandemic, this task force was especially at high risk. In our committment to support freelance creatives, especially in South Asian dance, we have been taking steps in that direction.

Contribution to Creative Freelancers : Shaping London’s Recovery

Creative freelancers, particularly those in the performing arts, were hit hard by COVID-19. From the very start of restrictions, up to 60% of freelancers had lost all of their work, and it is estimated that at least 200,000 Londoners were excluded from any Government support. The pandemic has also highlighted existing inequalities facing creative freelancers – including a lack of security at work, unequal access to freelance opportunities, and a lack of a basic safety net.

Creative Freelancers: Shaping London’s Recovery was formed to amplify the voices of the self-employed in the culture sector, giving space for freelancers to shape and demonstrate their role in the recovery of London’s creative and cultural industries, as well as in wider civic spaces. This programme aimed to enable a diverse group of freelancers in the culture sector to come together to explore and make recommendations on the future of freelancing. It also supported ambitions to improve working conditions and training, as well as advocating for the statutory changes needed for freelancers.

The programme brought together up to 50 diverse freelancers from across the performing arts,
including performers, directors, writers and designers, with up to 50 leaders of partner organisations, funders, councils and other key decision makers.

Akademi sponsored one of the freelance artists to be a part of this task force and contributed to several discussions on new policies and initiatives.

Freelancer Welcome Pack

As a result of extensive discussions with the Akademi’s Artist Advisory Group inspired by Creative Freelancers group, we developed our Freelancer Welcome Pack that is to support any new freelance creative whom Akademi is engaging. Read our full pack here

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