Akademi at 40 | Classical Indian Dance and its Relevance in a Global Contemporary Context (2019)

Rukmini Vijayakumar and Vena Ramphal frame classical Indian dance and its relevance in a global contemporary context.

Presented at Asia House

This talk partnered Bharatanatyam artist and actor Rukmini Vijayakumar with Vena Ramphal a media celebrity, scholar and Bharatanatyam dancer. A sumptuous pairing of two eminent women which warmed and uplifted the insight into a modern cultural India.

Rukmini and Vena’s conversation framed classical Indian dance and its relevance in a global, contemporary context. Rukmini shared her experience in creating and touring work which adhered to a traditional vocabulary while experimenting with context and presentation.


Creative Team

ProducerNina Head

Performance Credits

Bharatanatyam artist and actorRukmini Vijayakumar
Dance and Wellbeing specialistVena Ramphal

Supported by

Cockayne and The London Community Foundation.

Special thanks to

Host Trustee:  Bandish Gudka
Pamela Kember and the team at Asia House

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